The Club Name

Galt Strokers Logo
Artwork by Jeff Norwell

Who are the Galt Strokers and how was their name derived? Here is a short history of the name and the Galt Strokers Car Club.

In 1954 a group of car enthusiast's regularly met in Galt's Soper Park to discuss their cars and ways to improve the looks and performance of their current automobiles. Cars at that time were not the refined mechanical computer controlled vehicles that we know of today. In order to improve the look and mechanics of a vehicle in those times it was helpful to know others of a like interest who possessed the knowledge and skills to help achieve the desired results. Forming a club was a desirable way to help yourself and others belong to a group who could share the work and tools that might be needed. engine gif

Back then there were many such groups formed by the "Hot Rodders" as they were called. This was often thought of as reckless drivers as portrayed in some of the movies at that time. This was not generally the case as most only wanted to express their creative ability and show the results in the cars that they drove. When you look at the cars at a cruise night, you can see this message over 50 years later.

Now for the club name, looking at the logo you see "Strokers" and next to that a strange looking object called a crankshaft. The crankshaft is the rotating part of the engine that applies the power from the cylinders to the driveline (transmission) connected to the wheels. In the early days one way of increasing the power output was to regrind the crankshaft rod bearings so that they were a little farther away from the centerline of the crankshaft. This would then increase the "stroke" of the piston in the cylinder increasing power output.

With the name "Strokers" on your jacket / shirt, you could feel more powerful even though you might not have a "stroked" engine under the hood. The Galt Strokers have supported many worthwhile causes over the years and continue this with the love of cars many years later. Story by Al Howlett