Club Report 1958

This is a Club report from the 1958 Drag News

This month the feature club is the Galt Strokers.

The club was originally formed in a local park by a few enthusiasts back in 1951, under the name of the Galt Dragons. Two of these “old timers”, we are pleased to say are still with us, namely Al Howlett our president and Frank Trevor our secretary treasurer.

At first the club was held together only by mutual interest in the sport and by running reliability runs, parties etc. However four years ago during the summer of 1954, the trend was to the drags when the club assisted the now defunct Toronto Rod and Custom Club in running races at Edenvale airport.

The next spring the O.T.A. was formed and the Strokers have continued to be an asset (we hope) along with several other clubs in the growth of this organization.

Last year our dragster was started as a club project and after a furious start, sank silently into a winter lull.

Over the winter a fiberglass body was made by the members and was dropped over the present chassis. Being painted a fluorescent purple, the car has been called the only obvious name “The Purple People Eater” However with one consolation, that if it does not go, it at least looks good (as evidenced by its class win at the London Autorama.
We look forward to a better season this year.

Besides the dragster there are several other rods in various stages of construction. A 32 five window owned by Norm Whitla is slated for a Chryco engine with Olds automatic rear end. Al Howletts 33 five window is already completed running an Olds engine with a Cad box followed by a Chrysler O.D. and rear end. John Corbett is another fan who thinks there is nothing like a roadster. His pride and joy is a 29A roadster on 32 rails running a cad engine. Besides the forgoing we also have a 32 cabriolet with a 56 Chev engine and a 47 Ford coupe running an Olds engine with automatic.

We sincerely hope that the above will give the people who don’t already know us an idea of what type of person is under those purple jackets you see at the drags, and would like to extend an invitation to anyone who reads this to visit us at our club house in Delta Park in Galt. When? Anytime!!